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Brie Crayo

Post  Brie on Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:23 pm

Name: Brie Craye
Eye color: green
Hight: 5"4'
Age: 16
God/Titan parent: Demeter
Mortal parent: John Craye
Pet(s): No, she prefers plants XD
Weapon(s): Bow and arrow (flaming arrow, if possible.)
Powers: Can turn monsters into plants (but not people), can make plants grow where ever/ when ever.
What he/she looks like:
Life before camp: John Craye was a lonely old farmer in Topeka when he visited his sister in Ohio, who owned a flower shop. It was there that he met, and fell in love with, Demeter. They dated for quite some time before Demeter gave birth to Brie, and while she wanted to stay with John, she had her duties as a goddess to tend to.
Brie was very helpful to have on the farm, with all of her powers and everything. But John knew he would have to send her to camp half blood eventually, and did when she was 13.
Brie loved camp half blood. There was so much to do, and she learned so many new skills, like archery, her favorite. Liking Camp Half Blood much more than the farm, she decided to stay year round. Although she hasn't gone on a quest yet, she would love to, and thinks she is ready.


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Re: Brie Crayo

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