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Annabella Jones

Post  Doofy on Mon Jan 11, 2010 8:11 pm

Name: Annabella Euterpe Jones
Eye color: Grey
Height: 5' 3"
Age: 13
God/Titan parent: Apollo
Mortal parent: Cassandra Jones
Pet(s): None, but she is fond of Cicadas and snakes
Weapon(s): Sword
Powers: She's quite skilled at music, able to play the lyre, along with most modern day instruments, Also, she has a wide range of knowledge of Medicine, and has shown traces of powers of healing, and striking another ill
What he/she looks like: She isn't particularly tall, and is relativly thin. Her hair is long and ginger, in hard-to-manage curls. There is a dust of freckles across the bridge of her nose, and she has caluses on her fingers and hands.
Life before camp: Annabella grew up living with her mother, Cassandra, and her four younger sisters, all of them adopted. They lived in a small house, in a small town in Florida, a bit north of Okachobie. At a young age, she found interest in music, playing her mother's piano at four, and then joining the school band in 4th grade.
As she grew, music seemed the only importance to her, each birthday and christmas meaning only that a new instrument would be in her hands, and in a week she would be able to play it at least semi-well.
When she was Eleven, in 6th grade, she had her first research project in her health class, on sprains, how they occured and how they healed. That sparked her interest in medicine, leading her to spend time reading, outside laying on the front lawn, reading about common injuries, and not so common ones.
She loved her sisters, and did everything she could to help them, even helping the eldest of the four put a dislocated shoulder back in place. If given the chance, she would have never left them, had her mother not tell her if she stayed in Florida, bad things would happen to her family. At thirteen, she was to young and oblivious to realize the danger beginning to surround her, so her mother sent her to Camp Half Blood- all year long.


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Re: Annabella Jones

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