Shadow, Son of erebus

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Shadow, Son of erebus

Post  Shadow Cloud on Wed Jan 13, 2010 12:54 am

Eye color:Black
God/Titan parent:Erebus
Mortal parent:Unknown
Powers:Can do anything in Shadows
What he/she looks like:Black T Shirt with demon on it, Black pants.
Life before camp:When he was 10, he Woke up in a dark place that looked like space without stars. he was make everything shake, he heard tormented screams everywhere, people screaming "STOP!!!! NO PLEASE!!!! AGH!!!". He was wanting it to stop, he screamed in fear. and then, he was back in a small burning village. he realized he had done this, he ran off. about 3 years later a satyr found him, and brought him to camp.
Notes:At times he is possessed by a demon. the demon does things that make people wish they weren't born.


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