kyle and his sister jenny children of Moros.

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kyle and his sister jenny children of Moros.

Post  Shadow Cloud on Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:19 pm

Name:Kyle and jenny johnson.
Eye color:kyle:Red when angry, Jenny: White. (not gray.)
Hight:4'2'' kyle. 4'2'' jenny.
Age:12 kyle. 12 jenny.
God/Titan parent:Moros
Mortal parent:Claire johnson
Pet(s):Dragon worriers for both.
Weapon(s):Kyle: Throwing knifes. Jenny: flaming sword.
Powers:Destroying thick walls, and making the ground fall.
What he/she looks like:Kyle:Gothic, black hair, black eyes,(except when angry.) Jenny:Pretty graceful, looks beautiful, but she's deadly.
Life before camp:The two lived on the land, ran from home when the where 5. they left cause the realized they where twins and children of moros. they each had a ruff 7 years. but then when a satyr was going back to Camp Half Blood, from failing with an other demigod and brought them there.

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