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Post  gymlove07 on Thu Sep 09, 2010 3:49 pm

Name: Bella Smith
Eye color: Blue With Some Grey
Height: 4'8
Age: 12
God/Titan parent: Apollo
Mortal parent: Unknown
Pet(s): Has A Black Cat Named Midnight.
Weapon(s): Normal Bow and Arrow, Normal Sword
Powers: Can Play Any Instrument You Give Her
What he/she looks like: Long Brown Hair, Tan Skin, Freakles, and Brown Glasses. Wears A Orange Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt And Black Pants With Some Holes In Them. Also Wears A Silver Heart Necklace.
Life Before Camp: Bella Lived With Her Dad, Then Her Dad Told Her That She Was A Demigod. Her Dad Was Very Nice To Her But They Moved Alot. Bella Is New To Camp

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