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Post  Demigod222 on Wed Nov 10, 2010 9:09 am

Name:Charlotte ann Carter
eye color:green, changes colors according to light, green to blue
height:(taller then normal, dont know what actual height i should be)
god/titan parent:Posiden
mortal parent:unknown
pets:pegasus named Bella
weapon:basic bow and arrow named sthenos (strength) it can change into any basic weapon like a dagger or sword when I want it to, it stays mostly a bow and arrow though.
powers:can communicate with any horse or sealife
what he or she looks like: long brown hair, tall and skinny, can be clumsy,
life before camp: Charlotte was put in an orphanage when she was one years old beacuase her mother didnt want her. When she was eight she ran away from the orphanage and lived on the street till she was ten when she found out she was a demigod. She was brought to camp and has been there for three years

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