Shana Daughter of Athena

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Shana Daughter of Athena  Empty Shana Daughter of Athena

Post  -Owl-Queen- on Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:29 pm

Name: Shana Nightly

Eye color: Gray

Hight: 5'3

Age: 14

God/Titan parent: Athena study

Mortal parent: Mike Nightly
Pet(s): none

Weapon(s): bow & arrow and a dagger

Powers: wisdom and some battle skills

What he/she looks like: brown hair always in one long braid, gray eyes, pale skin, and silver painted nails.

Life before camp: I lived with my dad who was very productive, and I really didn't know why. (till I came to camp half blood) I spent a lot of my free time reading, and doing puzzles.

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