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Post  darren on Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:50 pm

i am a son of hades and dont forget it!

weapons:shadow bite (sygian onyx knife-sword (knife that can expand into a sword Exclamation Exclamation) i broke my sword so now i have a coin (called okio"shadow")and when i flip it, i say what i want it too be and it turns into it(if i flip it and say "chainsaw" it will turn to a chainsaw

i have a pet hell hound

appearance: short spikey black hair,tall and and has glasses that allow the wearer too see through the mist more easily(and improve normal vision)

im not quite sure how tall i am

i have shadow powers,dead control,hellhound control,fury control,and killing skeletonsalso the ability too kill people who have cheated death by looking at them oh ya i also have EXTREAME AWESOMENESS lol lol lol lol! lol! also i am a pretty good forgerand whenever i use my other powers or get rly angry i start emitting death plus my sword skills and skills with a sword and skills with meh powas increase by 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000

and really how funny i am,come on!

life before camp:doesnt like too talk about it

o ya i also am great with a light sword Cool Cool

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