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Post  fireboy66 on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:53 pm

name:zack icolio
eye color:green with yellow.

godly parent: poseiden.
mortal parent:erica icolio.
pets:2 cats cat ,6 hamsters,1 dragon and 17 snakes (1 python,2 vipers,10 king king cobras farao and 4 taipans.

powers:water control,communication sith horses,sea life and snakes. i can also turn into any form of sea life.
weapons:nero(a coin that turns into whatever you want by just thinking about it),a bow and arrow, a 3 foot spear,a 5 foot spear and 6 swords made of celestial bronze and light on fire by just having the user think about them light on fire.

appearence:black hair and really tan skin.

ife before camp:i was hunted down by about 6 monsters a week and all i could do about it was read up on greek "myths". Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad scratch

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