Genesis Stewart, Daughter of Poseidon

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Genesis Stewart, Daughter of Poseidon Empty Genesis Stewart, Daughter of Poseidon

Post  deathkid on Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:17 pm

Name: Genesis Stewart

Gender: Female

Age/Birthdate: January 22,1997/ 13

Godly Parent: Poseidon

History: Her stepdad was a drunkard and abused her and her mom. When finally her mom died, she ran away when she was 5 and hid for 8 years. Now she was an orphan living in Manhattan when a Fury attacked her on her birthday. A satyr rescured her and struggled to keep her alive until camp. Nearly there, the satyr lost his life and Genesis felt responsible.

Description: She has small features and is lightly built. She has long black hair, with side bangs and sea green eyes. She has pale white skin and has a scar from her forehead to her chin.

Personality: She is usually an anti-social person who reveals herself only to a selected few. She loves to keep her thoughts to herself and doesn't speak her mind. She is usually goth but the inner Genesis is bubbly. She can be the greatest ally but the worst rival.

Pet: None

Others: She uses 'okeanus', a sword given by her father, which transforms into a hair clip, and doesn't show great ability in using a bow and arrow. She loves the water and dhe usually is a troublemaker as much as a trouble attracter. She is sometimes too sensitive and sometime too little. She sometimes dreams of the night she went to camp and somtimes freezes when a monster attacks.


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Genesis Stewart, Daughter of Poseidon Empty Re: Genesis Stewart, Daughter of Poseidon

Post  jamala on Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:52 am

NAME: John Sebastian Thomas Dusenbury but you can call me Jamala


Birthdate: January.27.1999

Godly Parent: Poseidon

History: was born in a small town named sechelt lived there and was happy bieng called sebastian until his 12 birthday he was attacked by a Gorgan that almost turned his step Dad into stone when he killed the gorgan by stabbing it in the forhead with a pencil he was moved to a camp on long island called Camp Half Blood on January 31 2001 With his mom and his best friend Jack who was the satyr

Description:has long blond hair piercing blue eyes with a hoodie some ripped jeans and a navy blue tshirt

Personality: usually social and his favorite thing to do is eat sleep run or swim

Pets: a fat yellow lab named WileE a coon hound named Stella and 11 cats named Echo: Cece or Narsisis: those are the greek named cats then Marco: Jenie :Thumper: Loki: Big Kitty: Edger: Raya: Snowball: And Black an White:

Other: He uses a sword called Kopis given by his cousin Apollo it forms into a flashlight his first bow he almost shoots himself in the head he loves animals water His best friends are Jack: Piper: Leo: Jason: and Percy his enemys Drew: all gorgans: and Encladus

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