Jamala the newest at camp half blood

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Jamala the newest at camp half blood

Post  jamala on Mon Jan 24, 2011 7:57 pm

Eye color:Blue but cyan when excited
God/Titan parent:Poseidan
Mortal parent:Unknown
Pet(s):a hellhound named WileE a firecat named Marco and a dragon called no name
Weapon(s):kropis his celestial bronze sword and his chain knife called The Freven
Powers:Can do anything under water'can swin forever'can breath under water'can heal in water'can control water
What he/she looks like:a blue hoodie an orange camp tshirt ripped jeans from meeting with the possessed Shadow and grey running shoes
Facial Features: long blond hair blue eyes and a cut on his lip
Life before camp: he cant remeber
Notes: find a cure to help possessed Shadow how he survived no idea

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