Scarlette Sparks daughter of Zeus

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Scarlette Sparks daughter of Zeus Empty Scarlette Sparks daughter of Zeus

Post  Scarlette Sparks on Sat Apr 23, 2011 4:04 am

Name: Scarlette Sparks
Eye color:electric blue
Hight:5ft 8
God/Titan parent: Zeus
Mortal parent:unknown
Pet(s):Eagle called Strike
Weapon(s):Knife (called Sparky) and a shield
Powers: can shock people
What he/she looks like:Dark brown/black hair with blue eyes and she smirks most of thhe time. she wears black jeans, vest top and leather duster (long coat) and black boots
Life before camp:unknown (never mentions it) except the fact she ran away when she was young

Scarlette Sparks

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