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Seth so of Hades Empty Seth so of Hades

Post  lionhero on Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:29 pm

Name:Seth Smith
Eye color: Black
Hight: short
Age: 14
God/Titan parent: Hades
Mortal parent: Roth
Pet(s): cebirous pup from ms.Oleary and Cebirus
Weapon(s): Blade of death opal blade of hades with celestilal bornz sliver
Powers: Nicos powers to raise the dead and control them
What he/she looks like: short, thin, black hair, sunken eyes
Life before camp: everyone bullied him because he was ubbsest with death(not in a bad way just liked to learn about it did not like people dying) made him fight for most of his life making him stronger then some kids in ares camp


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