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Orion son of Apolo Empty Orion son of Apolo

Post  lionhero on Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:43 pm

Name: Orion Woods
Eye color: Golden
Hight: tall
Age: 15
God/Titan parent: Apolo
Mortal parent: Rose Woods daughter of Helios(true greek g-d of the sun)
Pet(s): Winged lion
Weapon(s):Bow and arrows of the sun the have the power of the sun and also fire tipped arrors that never go out his quiver will never run out of arros because of a spell
Powers: Can shoot a leaf a mile a way and hit it never misses
What he/she looks like: golden blond, golden eyes, tan skin, muscular, tall, he is popular (you know what i mean.)
Life before camp: did not have one he was born with full knoledge and trained scince he could walk


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