Balanden Son Of Hades

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Balanden Son Of Hades

Post  Balanden on Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:48 pm

Name: Balanden
Eye color: Deep Black
Hight: 5'6
Age: 16
God/Titan parent: Hades
Mortal parent: Dalila
Pet(s): A Hellhound and a Cerberus Pup.
Weapon(s):A hat like his father's that installs fear into anything/one that looks at it,and 2 daggers made of Stygian Iron
Powers: Shadow Travel,Summon Undead,Control Spirits and anything that is dead
Attitude: Usually is the one that is always left out when put with campers that are not his family.Likes to hang out in the shadows and train his Hellhound and Cerberus pup but does not mind the company of his half siblings.


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