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Post  Helena Chance on Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:42 pm

Name:Helena Eva Chnce
Eye color:Changes with her mood. Baby blue=Happy Yellow=Sad Red=Mad Black=Mixed emotions



God/Titan parent:Hades

Mortal parent:Molly Chance

Pet(s):Hell hound named Layle

Weapon(s)::tenebris gladium,sword of darkness. Hidden as a anklet,turns into sword when she says "align" which means open in latin.

Powers:Can talk to the dead,shadow travel,manipulate shadows and dead people,and knows when people die.
What he/she looks like:Short and curly dark brown hair,almost looks black;pale skin

Life before camp:When she was little her mom told her she was "special" She came to Camp Halfblood at the age of 6 when she saw my step-dad abuse her mom,and then her father,Hades,claimed her when she was 10 So now shes fourteen and been here for 8 years.And she stays here year-round.

Helena Chance

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