Acheron son of Hephaestus

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Acheron son of Hephaestus Empty Acheron son of Hephaestus

Post  AlphawolfAcheron on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:48 am

Name:Acheron LeBeau
Eye colour:Black
God/Titan parent: Hephaestus
Mortal parent:Tammara lammorie (Had gotten married to a theif named Shay lebeau,Hence ash's last name
Pet(s):A real (but slightly evolved) Falcon
Weapon(s):Usually claws ,like wolverines
Powers:Morping,not shapeshifting,morphing and shapeshifting are nothing alike
What he/she looks like:Black T-shirt w.Black trench coat,combat boats,Jeans,short black hair,rugged features and a large metal fleck on shoulder which sometimes moves places on his shoulder
Life before camp:Comes from future (4967) but got hurled back into the past (now) Because...let's just say him and oranos got off on the wrong foot.He is a science experiment thats not really finished.


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