the day i came to camp half blood and won

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the day i came to camp half blood and won

Post  jamala on Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:48 am

Jamala woke up in the cabin with only 4 people in it his brothers sister and him he thought about sleeping when he noticed conner and travis stoll about to throw a snake a him I threw the snake back and they started freaking out thinking they got a real snake I went outside to see the morning here and i saw festus got Beckendorf up to get some oil and tabasco sauce so i went to see Festus. Then i heard footsteps behind me i turned to see Percy watching me and festus so i went and asked Percy were they found Festus so he told me about the giant ants who took Beckendorf so he Annabeth and Selina went and fixed Festus to save Beckendorf After the story i went to sleep and woke up in the morning were i made a fire out of the poseidon cabin and made food for everyone i made sausages ham bacon eggs. When i finished I saw a glint of blue so i went over to find my bedding my stuffed animals a note on my stuffed tiger Mala i read love you mom then i saw a jet black in iy my laptop its mouse and a charger i new the day was victory talk about your day below reply

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